All-in-One Business Aviation Management Suite

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Aviator ONE is a highly diversified and comprehensive Scheduling Software for the Business Aviation industry covering all daily commercial and operational tasks.

  • Our main objective is to continuously optimize and shorten all daily business processes. Aviator ONE enables you to shift your focus accordingly.

    S.C. CEO
  • Aviator ONE is a long-term, mutual commitment. It aims to protect your investment by legal compliance and traceability and adapts to your specific business model.

    S.B. CIO
  • Behind Aviator ONE stands a professional support team to quickly respond to customer inquiries. Aviator ONE – the most friendly support team.

    J.S. CSO
  • Most aviation software can’t keep pace with customer, market, legal and technical requirements. We emphasize on keeping our products up to date to offer next generation aviation software.

    B.H. CTO

Swiss Made Features

Typical Swiss virtues like precision, pioneering spirit, innovation or quality flow into the engineering of Aviator ONE. This all-in-one software suite covers all commercial and operational tasks, from scheduling and dispatching of aircraft to crew management and invoicing. Aviator ONE is suitable for use by large and small operators, for commercial businesses or managers of a private fleet.

Main Features

Included in all versions of Aviator ONE

Customer Relationship Management - CRM

Powerful tool to manage all relationships between various entities such as customers, companies, providers, staff and other contacts.

Data Management

Manage customers, passengers, staff, crew, aircraft, airports, service providers, documents, country related information, currency exchange rates, credit cards, vaccinations etc.

Clean Work Flow

Single trips are neatly packed into a trip folder that lets you define a clean work flow to support your sales and ground operations team.

Document Management

Stores all system generated documents automatically. Additionally, add scanned documents to any trip folder.


Assign every customer his native language and set up your customer documents in any language appropriate to your business processes.

Staff Licensing Management & Control

Stores all staff and crew licenses, trainings and checks. An alerting system will warn of expiring and expired entries.

Passport & Visa Management & Control

Stores all crew and passenger passports and visas. An alerting system will warn of expiring and expired entries.

Vaccination Management & Control

Stores all crew and passenger vaccinations. Vaccination requirements can be set by country. An alerting system will warn of missing, expiring and expired entries.

Aircraft Document Management & Control

Stores all aircraft related documents. An alerting system will warn of expiring and expired entries.

Post Flight Data Management

Includes all journey and technical logs as well as flight crew logbooks. The premium feature “Flight Time Limitation” integrates seamlessly with this functionality and issues warnings of violations.

Time Line

Displays comprehensive trip data, including all leg details. Manage trip legs easily directly from a visual interface.

White Board

Essentially replaces the traditional white board in any ground operations office. It shows all relevant operations related information in one easy to read view.

Staff Duty Plan

Manage all your staff and flight crew by creating duty plans. Duty plans integrate with the whole system, automatically assigning appropriate flight crew where possible.

Work Flow Management Tools

Create ‘To Do’ lists for open tasks in a trip folder and assign them to a team or a single system user. Create and use check lists according to your company work flow procedures.


Aviator ONE comes equipped with working standard documents for sales, ground operations and flight operations. Examples: crew briefing, customs declarations, master ticket, charter contract.

Document Designer

A visual document designer makes creating new documents easy. Adjust or expand existing documents or create new ones.

Report Center

Generate a multitude of specific, helpful reports on demand. Create ground and flight operations related as well as management related reports. Examples: address & phone lists, crew logbook, duty plans, movement analysis, EU ETS emissions.

Alerting & Warning System

Alerts show for licenses including checks and trainings, passports, visas, vaccinations and aircraft documents. Warnings show during the flight preparation phase to support ground operations in their work flow.

Worldwide Databases

Aviator ONE comes fully loaded with worldwide databases of airports, service providers, countries, vaccination recommendations per country and daylight saving times (DST). All databases are user manageable.

Visual Route Maps

Display visual route maps and ATC routes of any route generated in Aviator ONE. Choose between Google or Bing maps.

Route Generator

Aviator ONE comes with a powerful ATC route generator that looks up real world ATC routes. Optionally exclude a preselected list of FIRs deemed unsafe for over-flight.

MyHandling Interface

Aviator ONE automatically interacts with MyHandling on your behalf, sending and updating handling requests and processing feedback.

Over-flight Permissions

Aviator ONE provides a list of countries and FIRs for system generated or user specific ATC flight plans. Aviator ONE automatically generates a list of required over-flight permissions per trip sector.

Crew Web App

Allows your flight crew to access their personal roster and detailed flight information on the go from any web enabled device.

Premium Features

Add-on modules for Aviator ONE

Avinode Interface

A fully automated process that uploads aircraft availability data to the Avinode charter platform. Incoming Avinode requests are automatically downloaded and generate the requested ‘live sectors’ for further processing.

AirSupport PPS Interface

Enables operators to establish an automatic schedule to upload confirmed flights to the AirSupport PPS Flight List. Operational flight plans can be created by uploading the relevant flight details. This helps to avoid typing errors.

Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)

Provides all information needed to conform to the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS). Generate tonne per kilometer or annual emissions reports. This add-on conforms to the European Commission’s decision of 16 April 2009, amending Decision 2007/589/EC.

Flight Time Limitation (FTL)

Flight time limitation keeps you informed whether your crew remain within legal requirements of duty time limitations. Aviator ONE includes a selection of duty time models that can be assigned to each crew. Know exactly and at any time if your crew is legal to fly.

Crew Duty Time Control

Automatically provides EUOPS sub-part Q data on flight and duty time limitations and rest requirements. A universal template allows for modeling of FCL requirements of other aviation authorities.


Converts service requests (such as handling requests) into two different SITA formats. The formats are mono-space text only, and can easily be pasted into any application, such as an email client.

CFMU Interface

Aviator ONE autiomatically receives and integrates live CFMU data such as departure and arrival times, slot messages and diversions.